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Insert any number of images into Excel fully automatically with just one click.

Correctly scaled, sortable and filterable

IMAGE-XLS use and profit effectively

High utility, high added value and high time saving

Automatically inserts images into Excel. With IMAGE-XLS, images can be automatically inserted into Excel tables. Images can be inserted as image comments, or PDF files can be automatically embedded in cells. The created tables with embedded images can be sorted as well as filtered - this is unique worldwide. The images can be automatically resized during the import process.

Time and money saving

No more manual effort: IMAGE-XLS reliably inserts images into Excel spreadsheets with just a few mouse clicks within seconds, no matter if 10, 100 or more than 1,000 images - within seconds almost any number of images can be inserted into Excel cells. The Excel table can then be sorted and filtered including the inserted images. The images can be resized automatically during the import process.

High utility and added value

Flexible license model

IMAGE-XLS is offered in three different license variants, from single user to enterprise licenses. The right model is available for every user and every company.

Demo-Videos of IMAGE-XLS

Do you want to learn more about the plugin? We show you how easy it is to use.

No ongoing fees. You invest once and the license is yours

All listed prices do not include VAT. (the GWG limit is 800,00 EUR since 2018)