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The EXCEL-LABEL-PRINTER allows you to create and print any number of label formats in Excel

No ongoing fees. You invest once and the license is yours

EXCEL-LABEL-PRINTER use and profit effectively

High utility, high added value and high time saving

With EXCEL-LABEL-PRINTER you can create and print as many label formats as you like in Excel. You also have the possibility to print pictures on the labels. For this, an image URL from the web or a local file path is sufficient to print the image on the label. The image is automatically scaled according to the settings. Via a comfortable user interface, data can be easily scanned from any data sheet and printed directly via 'DirectPrint'. One specific printer can be set per label.


With EXCEL-LABEL-PRINTER you can easily, flexibly and variably manage and print labels:
  • Professional, full-fledged label printing program based on MS-Excel
  • No investment in new software application required - EXCEL-LABEL-PRINTER runs under MS-EXCEL, an application used in most companies
  • Print labels from Excel, with images
  • Cost-effective: Single user license ready from EUR 59.00 net (one-time payment)
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Scan function (scanning of orders, incoming goods etc.)
  • Images can be printed on the label (e.g. product images)
  • Manages different label templates
  • A separate printer can be controlled for each different label
  • Free demo version - full functionality, but restart required after 5 print operations

One-time payment for the full version

No ongoing fees. You invest once and the license is yours. There are no follow-up costs. All listed prices are exclusive of VAT. (the GWG limit is 800.00 EUR since 2018) The price for the standard license (single user) is EUR 59.00 net.


Do you want to learn more about the plugin? We show you how easy it is to use.

No ongoing fees. You invest once and the license is yours

All listed prices do not include VAT. (the GWG limit is 800,00 EUR since 2018)


Kostenlose Demoversion herunterladen.

Überzeugen Sie sich von der Leistungsfähigkeit und den Features und Funktionen der Anwendung und laden Sie sich eine kostenlose Demo-Version herunter.

  • Full scope of services
  • Usable for an unlimited time
  • Restriction to 5 lines